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One day in the not-too-distant future, a wormhole opens up on the outskirts of the Terran solar system. For the next twenty-five years, it comes and goes at regular intervals, spilling mysterious transmissions into local space. The Terran Security Council rushes to establish a foothold on the far side of the wormhole—ostensibly to explore this new part of space, but in reality to forge a first line of defense against a possible alien invasion.
A planet suitable for ice-mining is found. A manufacturing seed is launched, but the seed fails to germinate. TSC taps Chief Awinita ‘AJ’ Johnson for the unenviable job of getting the seed back on track even though she is burnt-out and long overdue for long term leave. Soon after she and a small team of volunteers are deposited on Farside for a three-month stint, they discover that the planet is inhabited.

On a new planet, humans and aliens struggle to survive–each other.
Although the elusive, blob-like natives are not the aliens of TSC’s nightmares, they threaten the success of AJ’s mission nonetheless. AJ must find a way to deal with them and her frightened crew without compromising her own deep-rooted convictions. Desperate Measures is a fast-paced work of science fiction that begins with an incidental contact and then plunges into the complications that crop up on both sides of that encounter. It’s a story about politics, expediency, and the drive to survive versus a desire to evolve. It looks at the decisions that people under pressure make as well as the leaps of faith that they sometimes take.

Captain Jillian D’Lange is a woman with a promising future…until she gets caught in an explosion meant for someone else. Eight months later, she emerges from a coma only to find that the galaxy is a very different place.  Her lover is dead, her new ship is three months shy of being confiscated, and she’s now a cyborg with memory problems. She’s also the focal point of an investigation into corruption within the powerful Spacer’s Union. The president of the SU believes that her memories are the key to unlocking the case and tries to bully her into submitting to psychotherapy. When she refuses, he blacklists her, and by doing so, forces her to take a job with a man whose people are ultra-religious technophobes. The job lands her in the middle of a planetary power struggle, and triggers attempted murder, betrayal, and madness. Through it all, she’s tortured by thoughts of who she was and what she is now and what she might yet become.

As a child, Lathwi is outcast by her own people for her magical abilities. Instead of being eaten by the dragon to which she has been sacrificed, Lathwi becomes the protege of the intellectual Taziem. As an adult, Lathwi is banished from her foster mother’s nest and forced to seek her fortune in the world of men. This quest brings her face to face with sorcery; a master of swords; and an ancient evil from Dragonkind’s past. The fate of the world hinges on her. Will she survive? Will the world?

For years Lathwi has led a life free of human complications. Now two old acquaintances intrude on her solitude. One has come looking for help against an infestation of ghosts; the other bears news of dragon-slayings. Lathwi recruits her mother, Taziem, to hunt down and destroy the murderers, and then sets out to restore the dead to their rest. Their adventures draw them into the badlands of the south, where they encounter an ambitious warlord, his troubled mage, and a deranged dragonsire. The balance of continental power hinges on the final confrontation. Will humans dominate?

Or will dragons?

Raven Middlefield is on her way home to celebrate Christmas with her family for the first time in years when she accidentally foils an armed robbery attempt. The local newspaper runs the story first: “Hometown Girl Does Good”. Then the robber is connected to an interstate crime spree, the story goes national, and everything in Raven’s life gets caught in the resulting undertow. Fish Stories explores the lives of ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary situations. It is a story about homecomings, and the baggage that we bring with us.